Brook and Marsh provide the following services:

Cadastral (Land) Surveying (including Freehold Subdivisions and Re-Establishment surveys)

subdivisionAll land subdivision (Cadastral) surveys are undertaken by Licensed Surveyors who hold a current practicing certificate with the Western Australian Land Surveyors Licensing Board. Brook and Marsh have been engaged to complete subdivision surveys for the creation of Residential Lots and Reserves and land acquisition purposes such as road widening. The other aspect undertaken is for non-compliance of building licenses in terms of restrictive covenants on heights of buildings, excess landfill and retaining wall issues, as well as fence disputes.

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Strata Title Subdivisions (Survey Strata and Built Strata)

Strata titles are utilised for the creation of small and large scale high density developments. This can be achieved through either a Survey Strata or Built Strata

  • Built Strata Subdivision
  • Survey Strata Subdivision

Built Strata Subdivision

built strata
A Built Strata Subdivision is one that creates lots and common property. The lots are made up of yards and the buildings. Common property in a Built Strata can be made up of land, walls and roofs. As for a Survey Strata a unit entitlement determines the proportion of ownership of the common property. It is important to note that with Built Strata Subdivisions, titles cannot be issued until the buildings have been completed.

Survey Strata Subdivision

A Survey Strata Subdivision is one that creates lots and sometimes but not always a common property lot. Title holders are in partnership in the land and their unallocated ownership of the common property is determined by a unit entitlement. This unit entitlement is prepared by a Licensed Valuer.

example survey strata

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Engineering Surveying – light domestic and heavy industrial

Brook and Marsh work closely with contractors such a civil constructions and engineers on projects, catering to a broad scope of clients including private and government agencies. Many Local Governments have joined the Aspec group in requiring contractors to supply information of drainage, roads and public open space. This is computed supplying the information in GIS packages DSPEC, RSPEC and OSPEC. Brook and Marsh have up to date software to complete these projects. Brook and Marsh complete various types of Engineering Surveys which are not limited to but include:

Road Construction Surveys

Road casement Surveys are performed by brook and marsh primarily for local authorities or shire councils. A road casement survey locates all features within the chosen road reserve with the addition of full drainage, sewerage, water and communications networks.

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Drainage Construction Surveys

Brook and Marsh perform many types of drainage surveys. The new drainage surveys are usually included within new land Cadastral (land) subdivisions enabling roof, lot and road water to escape the land and into the local authorities infrastructure. This prevents flooding and damage to housing due to water logging of the soil beneath the houses. Another drainage survey is the audit or as constructed survey of the pipeline network. As constructed surveys can be completed after the new construction of a subdivision or completed after many years through audits of infrastructure for local authorities records. It can also be completed after flooding problems that may have been caused by incorrect or insufficient design and construction of the pipes.

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Sewer Construction Surveys

Brook and Marsh are and have been involved in the set out and construction of sewerage pipeline networks for private and government agencies. The sewerage networks are usually constructed in the subdivision process for the removal of sewerage from private homes and into the government pipeline network. The government contracts that Brook and Marsh have been involved in were for the upgrading or infill sewerage projects. Brook and Marsh have supplied surveys for the boundary re-establishment, manhole location and pipeline alignments. Brook and Marsh provides services to audit or prove the construction of these networks as Licensed Surveyors are also required to sign off on these surveys for the Water Corporations records which are then stored and used in the public domain.

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Water Reticulation Surveys

Brook and Marsh have been and are involved in the setout and construction of water pipeline networks for private and government agencies. During the land subdivision process, water pipelines are constructed for the supply of drinking and service water to each lot created in the development. Additionally, the Water Corporation is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the States water reticulation network and throughout projects have engaged Brook and Marsh to provide their surveying expertise.

Brook and Marsh have also been employed to undertake audit surveys or as constructed surveys mentioned above. Brook and Marsh produce Water Corporation audit plans required on the corporations own title block with all relevant information such as type of fittings, manufacturer and date of construction. Brook and Marsh work closely with other contractors such as civil constructors and engineers on all of their projects.

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Building Construction (Single Storey and Multi Storey Surveys)

Brook and Marsh undertake many building surveys from the small single residence to the multi-storey office complex projects. We liaise closely with a number of long established building companies who have exacting standards protecting their reputations and Brook and Marsh contributing to their growth.
For small building companies where either a single residence or a number of units that make up the project are evident, we provide the initial building set out for the service construction, concrete foundation pours and bricklaying set out. After construction has started, a re-establishment survey may be undertaken for the erection or renewal of the fence lines surrounding the property. For multi-unit development projects, this usually leads to a strata unit development as discussed above.
chea beaufort2
Brook and Marsh have also participated in many large scale developments which have been on a single level and some on a high rise construction projects. Brook and Marsh undertake a number of projects involve the refurbishment of structures and the initial surveying requirement is to produce plans of existing architectural layouts of walls, columns, windows, doors and fittings. Some notable projects are the upgrading of the GPO Perth, Stage 2 of the Rockingham Hospital complex and the Federal Hotel in Collie.

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Infrastructure Construction Surveys

Infrastructure Construction
Brook and Marsh have been involved with the surveying of heavy industry for a great number of years particularly in the south west region of Western Australia. There are a number of techniques used that have been developed from basic surveying fundamentals. Most projects commenced with a basic grid with each section divided for specific buildings. A local grid is used allowing Cartesian coordinates to be allocated for wall or bolt positions. Modern methods of surveying still use this type of set out however the coordinates are now uploaded into the instrument directly and each coordinate has an identifying unique number. Some surveys still required basic surveying equipment that had not been seen in years. One such piece of historic equipment is the Plane Table and Alidade. This was used in the production of scaled plans of areas that were inaccessible and uninhabitable to humans.

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Settlement and Monitoring Surveys

Brook and Marsh have undertaken many settlement and monitoring surveys on large retaining walls, whole buildings, swimming pools and mining equipment. These surveys collect information in the rate of movement in structures before remedial engineering work is carried out.


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Precise Metrology Surveys

precise metrology
Precise surveys are usually reserved for recordings of sub millimetre increments. Brook and Marsh have completed surveys such as the levelling of alternator turbine shafts in powerhouses, accurate adjustment of rotating filter bearings and ring gear and accurate monitoring of bridge sections. The accuracy is usually direct to one tenth of a millimetre and estimated to one -one hundredth of a millimetre. The basics of these instruments is the use of a parallel plate micrometre. It depends on the bending of light through a thick plate of glass and the recording of small movements. These are then calibrated to a part of a millimetre.

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Level, Feature and Contour Surveys

Level, Feature and Contour surveys are regularly undertaken by Brook and Marsh for various local authorities, private companies and private clients. The level and feature survey provides the location and levels of all relevant features and services above ground. These surveys are normally utilised by architects and planners for projects that required a plan of the lay of the land. The architect may need a survey for the design of a house; a viticultural consultant may require the layout for the design of a vineyard or a local authority may require a detailed tree survey for the protection of endangered species. The projects are endless and also varied.
Level and Feature Sketch Example


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Services and Road Casement Surveys

Road casement surveys are performed by Brook and Marsh primarily for local authorities or Shire Councils. A road casement survey locates all features within the chosen road reserve with the addition of full drainage, sewerage, water and communications networks.
dalwalinu 1
Design work is completed by engineers and plans are produced for the setout and construction stages. Brook and Marsh provide this construction setout service for our client’s needs. Clearing stakes are placed and levelled for the stripping and stockpiling of topsoil. The second phase is to setout the road pavement section allowing boxing out or excavation of soil to a depth of all base materials to be backfilled.

Brook and Marsh have completed projects for the redevelopment of road intersections by the Main Roads Department of Western Australia throughout the metropolitan area.

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Office, Shop and Warehouse Lease surveys

Lease surveys are regularly undertaken for managing agents of office tenancies, shopping centre tenancies and warehouse developments. Brook and Marsh have also represented shop owners in their determination of the areas relating to their tenancies or sub lease agreements.There are normally three methods of determining the lease areas.

The first is under the property council of Australia guidelines termed PCA 1997 guidelines.There are three methods of measurement that come under these guidelines. A mixture of methods can be used depending on the situation.

  • The first is under the Property Council of Australia guidelines termed PCA 1997 guidelines. There are three methods of measurements that come under these guidelines.
    • Gross Lettable Area Retail used for shops,
    • Gross Lettable Area used for warehouse developments
    • Net Lettable Area used for offices.
    GLA exampleNLA example

  • The second method of determination is under the retail tenancies act. This is where the measurements are taken for the usable space of a tenancy.
  • The third method is determined by the owners or tenants requirements and the method is agreed and written into the lease. Brook and Marsh have gained extensive experience over the past 20 years and can provide guidance to our clients in all aspects of determination and methods best adopted.

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