Honorary Projects

Brook and Marsh have at all times tried to make the life of the volunteer easier by volunteering their time and expertise to non profit community groups and projects. Some of these selected projects are listed below;

Little Athletics

The Little Athletics Group of Spearwood contacted Brook and Marsh as their oval and track was to be resurfaced and lights added. The additional pressure of incorporating a football field and an uneven surface meant a new location for their athletic track. Brook and Marsh worked closely with the organizing committee and an eight hundred metre track was setout for the committee to linemark. In addition to the track other areas were incorporated such as javelin, discus and shotput fields. The athletic field was verified after linemarking and a certificate issued so records could be achieved. A side issue to this was all measuring tapes were verified for accuracy.

Football Fields

Many football fields have been setout for many groups. The length, width and position were calculated as the site dictated. This was achieved by first completing a feature survey taking into account any observer dirt banks, light towers, the contours of the ground and any additional buildings or grandstands.

Equestrian Club

The Orange Grove Horse and Pony Club called on the services of Brook and Marsh to verify the measuring device for the determination of horses and ponies. There are a number of aspects that make up the layout and device from the position of the horse to the measuring bar itself. There is a concrete base and rails that the horse is positioned in and the surveyor levels this area. The measuring device is made up with a vertical pole and perpendicular bar. This bar is positioned on the horse and the measurement determined. Traditionally the horse is measured in hands. After verification of all parts a certificate was issued.